signing off....

Think I had a chemical pregnancy, so no need to be on this forum.

Good luck to everyone and hope you get the results you are after soon.



  • honey sorry to hear that. come over to ttc after mc if you want to talk about it at all (even if you're not ttc immed again it's busier than mc support)
  • Ah mother1 - I had two chemical pregnancies in a row last month and month before. You should absolutely still be on this forum if you plan to try again, or even if you don't you should still stick around.
    I know it's hard - trust me, it took me two weeks to come back here and look online as so many girls from my 2ww thread got their bfps. I am so happy for them but it was hard when I had a bfp then lost it.

    Massive hugs chick, x x x
  • Hi Mother1,
    Don't leave us, you can be on this forum!! My son was stillborn 8 weeks ago, I was 27 weeks and the ladies here have been lovely. There are other forums you can chat in, but don't feel that you need to leave this one!!
    Sending big hugs xx
  • So sorry Mother1, sending you a hug. Please don't feel you need to leave this forum, although I understand it might be hard, but we're all here for you!!! Hope you're ok hun.x.
  • hi mother1, i am so sorry about your sad news, it must be devestating, hope when you feel ready to come back here you do, as i know these girls provide great support. take care xxx
  • Thanks so much for all the words of comfort. This is my first mc (that I know of anyway) and feel bad although the pregnancy wasn't planned. To top it all, my in-laws called on Sun night to say my sis-in-law had mc at 6 weeks while driving and really badly. I can only imagine how she feels.
    Me and oh have been discussing ttc properly as it took us 7 months with our daughter.

    I will be back as there is a wealth of information and support here... as soon as we decide when to start trying again.

    Thanks and lots of baby dust to everyone!
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