Hello everyone.....

Hi Everyone,

I thought i would introduce myself as ill be popping in every now and then, im sure all of your advice will come in handy in the coming months !!

Me and my husband got married in September and started ttc in October, we had that one month of ttc (with no luck!) and then sadly my husband's dad passed away and we put it all on hold for a while. Now my husband is feeling more himself we have decided to continue ttc !!

So i thought i would join this lovely forum so i can get all excited with all of you !!

AF is due on Wednesday, which im glad about as i want to get to OV week ASAP !! lol Im feeling very positive (or trying to be!!)

Iv also got a CBFM to help us along so we dont have to guess when im OV...so Roll on CD1 so i can finally use it !! Iv also just bought some pre-seed, after doing some research i see that it can actually 'help' you conceive as it helps the sperm travel to your egg...finger's crossed !!

Good luck to everyone else trying:\)



  • Hey Jo,

    Welcome to BE, I'm sure you will love it here image and you will love POAS for the CBFM, I know I do :lol:

    Good luck xx
  • Hi Jo!

    Welcome to the forum, I am fairly new here too and we are TTC our first after getting married on 1st November!

    Strangely my last period was the 27th Oct & still no sign of her desite all the negative tests I have! LOL

    Hope you get your BFP soon!

    Elle x
  • Hi Jo,
    Welcome to BE, the ladies are lovely on here!! Good luck with TTC!
    Jackie x
  • Hi jo

    welcome to the madhouse
    Hope that you will have a pleasant but not too long stay(mean that in the nicest way)

    Good luck xxx
  • oops double post
    my BE is playing up

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  • Thanks for the welcomes ladies !! It seems like a very friendly place to 'hang out' while ttc !!

    I just want AF to turn up now so i can get started !! lol

    Good luck to you all, hope you all conceive quickly image


  • welcome hun, you will love it on be, always someone on here to cheer you up or answer your questions.xxxxxxxxx

    hope you dont have to wait too long for your bfp.xxxx
  • welcome - and good luck with ttc!!! xx
  • Hi Jo,

    Welcome to TTC and good luck xxx
  • Hi Jo! Welcome to BE & the crazy world of ttc!
    In the nicest possible way I hope you're not here in ttc for too long! There are some of the loveliest, most helpful ladies ever on here. I've only been a member for a couple of months and I've had loads of good advice from this forum.
    Sending you lots of babydust pet! xx :\)
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