hows it going have u tested yet hun af hasnt got me yet and im still to scared to test i was a week late last month how r you getting on hope the witch didnt get u xx


  • Hi Sophielou, sorry been away a couple of days. Well I couldn't resist and tested last weds, then thurs morn, then thurs afternoon and a further 3 times and got BFP each time!!!!!!!!!!! I literally couldn't believe it which is why I tested so much! The first line was faint so used CB digital and then checked again with FR (buy one get one free in Boots, so it's their fault I tested so much!!), the last time I checked was Sun and there was no denying the line, OMG!!! I've got appt with midwife on tues next week.
    How are you getting on? Have you tested yet? I couldn't find the other post that we spoke on so been wondering how you're getting on. Hope it's all well and she's not got you yet xx
  • OMG CONGRATS HUN bet your so excited... still havent tested yet and af hasnt got me as of yet im going to test tomoro i think jus really dont wanna c a bfn, but its getting to the point now were i just wanna no either way im still havin symtoms like feelin rli sick o and for some reason i cant eat pizza the sight or smell of it and thts it i feel 10 times worse cud jus b my mind playin tricks on me tho lol . brilliant news for u hunni am rli happy for u and hope ya have a happy healthy 9months xxx
  • Thank you! It's weird at the mo and I prob won't believe it completely until next week! Good luck for tomorow, let me know how you get on. The reason I decided to test is because I had such bad heartburn, headaches, cramping coming and going and was really hungry all the time. I was also really constipated and the night I tested I had really bad wind!! Gross I know but thankfully that has now passed, literally!! Plus I'm so impatient! I didn't tell hubby what i was doing just in case but called him into bathroom as soon as i saw that faint line, he's forgiven me for doing it early!!
    Best best best wishes for tomorrow, I really hope you get that second line! Lots of love xx
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