Hello everyone.

Hi everyone,
just wanted to say hello again, not been on here for ages, hope everyone is well and hope there's been some good news for some people while i've been away.
Well, AF has finally showed her face after 13 months since I came off Depo. I've had the pleasure of 2 visits, one lasting 40 days and one lasting 10 with some spotting inbetween. I'm hoping things will start to settle down now and begin to get some kind of cycle back. I'm bursting with PMA and have plenty to share all around!!!!
So, how is everyone?
Love Tibby x :lol:


  • Hiya, good to see you back! x
  • Hi ya, gosh 13 months. I thought i was bad having to wait 6, think i'd have had a nervous breakdown by then. Good luck and hope you get your BFP really soon.
  • Like the avatar.. 40 days sounds horrendous. Glad everything seems to be back to normal
    Good luck
  • Hi Tibby, nice to meet you! Good luck and keep up the PMA!x
  • Welcome back honey! glad she's finally arrived!!! good luck.xxxx
  • Hello, nice to meet you. 13 months is an unbelievably long time, what a nightmare!! Hope you get your bfp really quickly after that!!!
  • Hello! Nice to meet you and hope you have your bfp soon. Your pma sounds fab so would love to share some of that when in need??!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything settles down for you.

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