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Started taking temp

I bought a thermometer yestreday from boots, so took 1st temp this morning.
I thought I'd try & see if it helps.
Anyone else taking temp & can you see a change during cycle?
Good Luck to everyone
Helen :\)


  • Hi Helen,
    I've just bought one too! I started using it Friday, i'm not too sure what the average temp is meant to be, maybe 35, i think everyone is different so need to use it throughout a whole month and monitor any changes.

    Things is, mine says to do it first thing in the morning before you even get up and pee! I dont know about you but my temp changes depending on the dam heating!!

    Hopefully we'll get the jist of it and get pg asap! I'm thinking of using ov sticks too.

    Good luck!
    Zoe xx
  • I ve been takin my temp all this month...on day 17 and still its 36.1
  • Hi Zoe
    I'v been using a web site called, you put all you details in like temp, CM & it calculates when you should OV.

    I know what you meen about when you wake up. I woke up at 8.30 this morning & needed a P but I thought Ohh better take temp 1st dont want to mess it up by doing it wrong.

    I looked at OV sticks in wilkinsons ??4 for 10 (think) but I'll see how it goes with therm 1st.

    Fingers crossed it wrks, we want BFPs all round!
    Love Helen

    P.S that pics really cute, is it your puppy?

    Hi Sian
    Are your cycles usually long? Maybe you havn't OVd yet thats why it hasn't changed.
    Its only 1st day today I'v used it, temp was 36.4. Maybe it'll be wrth using OV sticks as well. I dont know its hard work all this.
    Helen x x x

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  • Hi Helen,

    Thanks for that web link, I'll have a look if i get a bfn this month!

    That was my puppy 4 years ago, all grown up now ready for a baby to take the reigns!!

    Good luck to all. xxxx
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