Testing in the Morning.....

Well just as the title says I shall be testing in the morning....I am going to go to Tesco after work and get a 1st response and see what the morning brings :\?

Keep thinking the witch has arrived as keep feeling wet down there....half the time I am too scared to check lol and when I do its just CM so god I hope thats a good sign. AF due tomorrow as it will be CD39 just hope either I get my AF or a BFP as I really dont want it to be a long cycle. Last one was 39 days so here's hoping.

Good Luck to everyone who is testing in the next week or so both on OV and PG tests.

{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} :\)


  • Fingers crossed for you hun!!! Will be eagerly awaiting update in the morning!

    I'm on CD27 so based on last month AF is due on Friday but I never took much notice of when I ov'd as first month ttc but I think it was cd18ish (based on CM)......therefore I'm going to try and hold out till next Tuesday!

    I'm still getting the wet feeling aswell.....convincing myself that my smell has increased and I've got backache only to work out that I've been sitting in an awkward position for too long and everyone else in office can also smell what I'm smelling.....lol!!!
  • Well I have just been to the toilet as I felt this sudden gush and thought oh here we go....and it was just cm again....but I was sitting there (sorry tmi) and this sharp pain shot across my stomach...took my breath away abit....hoping thats not anything bad. I think you should test Friday hun, thats when AF is due....come on pee on that stick lol xxxx
  • Good Luck!! I saw your confused post and you sound exactly the same as me! Am hopefully testing friday if Af does not show before then!

    Fingers crossed for your BFP xx
  • oooh good luck, i will be looking out for your BFP post tomorrow x
  • I've had niggles all day today....not cramps like Monday. Oh and been to the toilet so much......I haven't drunk neasrly as much as I would normally drink and by 12 o'clock had been to the toilet 5 times since I got into work at 8.30!!

    I want to test but am holding off......maybe I will pop into boots on way home tomorrow night!!

    Hopefully we see your BFP tomorrow whoop whoop! xx
  • well ladies I stopped at tesco on my way home and got 2 tesco own tests....and what did I do when I got home....yup I tested and got a BFN so angry with myself that I am having a small white wine and soda....looks like I am just waiting for AF to come image xxx
  • aww sorry hun, but dont forget its not over yet until AF arrives, give it a couple of days and test again xxxx
  • Oh hun i am sorry its not over till the witch arrives though!!!
  • Just feel so stupid for thinking that I may off been....I took two mouthfuls of wine though I threw the rest away I just could stomach it....just had 3 chocolate doghnuts though lol....AF is due tomorrow....I was going to test in the morning so when should I test now???? xxx
  • UMM chocolate dognuts UMM, Sorry back to the post lol!!!

    Could that be a sign?!! I would wait and see if she shows tomorrow and if you can hold out i know its hard test on friday if nothing. Also dont worry if you dont get a BFP untill AF shows you are not out of the running some ladies have been up to a week late untill thier BFP showed up!

    Mel xxx
  • Thanks hun...think I am going to wait till Friday morning now....hate what our bodies put us through lol....what CD are you on? xxx
  • I know since having my son and going back on pill for 2 months my cycles have been horrid they are settling down now though!

    I am on cd14 think i have ov'ed today i have 29 day cyles but a slighlty longer LH phase!

    Good luck for friday let us know how you get on!

  • Thank you hun I will definitely let you know, good luck also xxxx
  • Not to worry, as the other posts say it's not over till the witch comes plus it's not FMU so cos you're only due tomorrow it may take a while to show. Test with me Friday morning with an FR!!

    Fingers still crossed for you hun PMA lol xxx

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  • Morning ladies....well the witch is on her way....went to the bathroom this morning...wiped and there was colouring on the tissue as there always is when she is on route.....I feel so crappy today....I know its only month 1, just hate the fact that I was so sure we had done it this month....nothing a good cry didnt help this morning xxxxx
  • So sorry you're feeling rubbish today, i hate that feeling more than the witch actually showing up, its not over until she does show either. Have a good cuddle from OH tonight, that always makes me feel better.

    I know it won't help today, but just try and think of all the fun you and OH can have next month trying to get that bfp ;\)

  • Lots of hugs to you. I'm also on my last month of ttc and had also convinced myself that we had done it this month - so kind of know how you feel. However, the cramps have arrived and now I'm just waiting for the inevitable. Keep your hopes up though - maybe next month will be our turn!
  • Oh hun.....chin up!!! I know how you feel I'm just waiting for her to turn up as well!! When I thougght about it last night haven't a clue when I ov'd (or if I even have) if I bd at the right time and enough but at least I can see what's happening with my body now!!

    Treat yourself to something nice at lunch and then get home put your feet up and think about next month. PMA is the way forward!!!! xxxx
  • Thank you ladies really appreciate it....just been to the toilet now and there isnt anything there now....where as this morning there was definitely brown cm on the tissue....Ive got a pad on and there isnt anything on there...but got a BFN last night so she is on her way for sure. Good Luck to us all still waiting for their BFP xxxx
  • Hey hun i know its easier said then done but chin up its not over yet!!!! Fingers crossed she keeps away! image x
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