am i pregnant?

Hi everyone, new to this forum so a big hello, i am mum to 3 already my eldest being 15, my youngest is 9 but we are trying to get pregnant at the mo, never had any probs before infact i know when each where concieved!! Anyway the thing is we did the deed a week ago, 4 days later i started to have a very slight bleed my period wasnt due for another couple of days, any way it lasted only a day and a half and was very light and brownish? when i wiped after toilet it was very light pink? i havent bled since and i keep feeling dizzy? never had this before any ideas?

chloe x:\?


  • Sounds like implantation bleeding !! When is your period due?

  • definately sounds like implantation! do a test!!! xxxx
  • really? i was due on my period 8 days after sex... had this bleed 4 days early and now nothing? its only been a week ago? but i do feel rather dizzy? ooh i hope it was but you cant do a test can you until your next period is due which will make it around the 23rd july..i never had this implantation thingy before...

    chloe xx
  • Hi Chloe i am confused. How long is your cycle. When was the first day of your last af.
  • its about 29 days, i think, but i have never really had to do the counting and the ovulation dates etc, i have been blessed, i just thought it strange as we have been ttc and this month i was early by about 4 days, this was 4/5days after sex, i bled for a day and a half but only brownish and when i wiped it was very pink but that was it, it really confuses me all the date thing sorry i must sound stupid,
  • when was the first day of your last period ?
  • sounds like implantation... also you can get the tests that will test a week before your due on!!!

  • 29th may, we did the deed on the 18th,19th and 21st of june as i can remember? i then started to bleed on the 24th june but i was sure i wasnt due on until the 27th/ 28th june? does that make sense?
  • was it just light bleeding ?
  • yes i didnt even realize i had bled until i went toilet! then it was just spits and spats for a day and a half now nothing, looked brown in my underwear until i wiped then it was very light pink. sorry for sounding so gross x
  • It makes total sense now. If i was you i would test. If you have a 29 day cycle you would be due on today. Your most fertile days would have been around 10th 11th 12th 13th. There is a good chance the little bleeding you did have was implantation. If you where pregnant it would give you a due date of around the 6th March.
    So what you waiting for go test NOW lol
  • OMG really , i thought i was just wishing and hoping too much, what tests are the best? and is this normal to have this kind of bleed even if i have never had it before? or was it because i am slightly older this time around?
    thank you so much x
  • It is normal i had it last time . Itis when the egg implants sometimes you get a little bleeding genarally only light. You can use any test really as your af is due today. Personally i would test with a clearblue digital. Expensive but as the signs are good that is what i would test with. That way you can see it in words.
  • thank you so much im off to the chemist!!
  • let us know! xxx
  • i will do, could it still show up negative though, could it still be too early?
  • if you are testing early they say to use first morning urine so if you get negative it might be worth re-testing in the morning. also some people don't get BFPs until they are a bit late so even if it is negative it isn't all over.

    good luck hun!! xxx
  • thank you, i might wait with baited breath until morning then!! if i can xx
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