have been on for a while

as i was taken a break from here as trying not to think about ttc if you can understand but now i dont know what to do im on day 38 today and i uasually have af around day 33 no later last mnth i had af for 1 day and that was day 36 so not shaw done a cheap test tue the day i was due as from my monthly cycles.com just the one line and i did another on friday but mid day and a cheap one nag so dont knopw wheateher to do another one but this time a clear blue fmu test help i have been feeling sick and been going for toilets lots xthanks for looking


  • Hi. What sort of bleed was it?...If not red, could have been implantation bleed. Don't want to get your hopes up, but sometimes the bfp just takes longer to show for some. Good luck! xx
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