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why havent i ovulated

i have been using the sticks and got nothing also i havent had any mucus this month does it mean that i am going through the change i so hope not but its worrying me now x x x


  • Hi Anitarose

    Same for me so far this month. Bit fed up about it, I was really hoping to get the smiley face as this is the first proper month of trying after the m/c. I have been using the Clearblue digital tests for 8 days now and nothing! Some women don't OV every month and you still get AF - don't really know how this works! :x Maybe we just missed it! :\( Love George, x
  • lets hope so george i still got loads of tlc just to be on the safe side though good luck to you x x x
  • hi yah there is a chance that u might just of missed your days or not worked them out propaly have your periods gone back 2 a normal cycle if u r concerned about your ovulation u can have a blood test 2 check that u r ovulating and if u r not they will give u clomid 2 start u off again x
  • Thanks BigBear. Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with GP/Midwife over the m/c and am quite reluctant to go back, unless I have to! I have only had 1 AF since m/c although seemed to be normal cycle. Think I will have to be patient and wait to see what happens for a couple of months before I see the GP again. May need to be referred anyway, I had been but the day I got the letter discovered I was pregnant anyway! Sadly it was not to be and I lost it afew weeks later. Thanks for the advice. George.
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