Not sure

I have been trying for 10 months now for my 2nd, have posted on here, but not for ages. Well today i was 9/10dpo and used a superdrug test and came up with a line but it was faint and so not sure if it was an evap line. it came up within the 3 minutes, so just really unsure now. do evap lines come up that quickly? Trying not to get my hopes up!


  • Hi

    I had the same thing on wednesday, I tested again this morning and there was a faint line after 3 mins but by 5/6mins there was a definite pink line.

    Sounds good but the only way to know for sure is wait a couple of days and test again.

    Good luck
  • yay! i reckon ur both pg! test again in a few days, first thing in the morning! congrats and good luck! xxxx
  • oooh congrats ladies, looks like aprils gonna be a bust month!
  • it will be very wierd if i am because my due date will be 11th april aprox and my daughters is the 14th! just bought 3 tests to try over next few days!
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