possible 2ww but not sure, any other confused people want to

join me??

Didn't think I could join the other 2ww threads as I'm not sure but hey I'm ready to put myself through torture again and would love some company!

If you've read any of my other posts I'm sure you know my situation but in case you didn't (not sure why as I've gone on and on about it enough!!). I cam off pill early Jan and 13 weeks later still have not had a single AF. I bought some OPK's and have been using these for last week. May have ov'd on tues/wed this week but not at all sure as was definately not a +ve as described on leaflet but my darkest line yet which then went to being non-existant so I'm desperately hoping it was. Only managed to bd once though and with a maybe ov I'm not positive but as I said I love to put myself through hell. So if anyone wants to join me please do!!


  • Me me me!! I haven't a clue what's happeing to me. I came off the pill last month. 1st day of af was 28th March. Have been using chep opk off ebay but like you only got faint lines. Going off the faint lines I'm around 5/6 dpo. As I've only had one af since coming off the pill I have no idea how long my cycles are so not sure when I should test!! X
  • Yay Lydias'mummy (not yay your in limbo but yay I've got a 2ww buddy!!).

    I think I'm about 2 dpo but like I said not at all sure!

    Looking forward to the symptom spotting!!

  • I've been trying to remember what symptoms I had with my first but all I can remember is bad period like pains and sleeping lots!! Xx
  • well this will be my first so I have no idea apart from what I've read on here and on google and then convince myself I have them all lol!
  • Me too: can i join you? I ov Thirs/fri this wee according to cbfm. I think I am 2dpo but had irregular cycles. Last one was 28 days but think this may be longer. I went to doc yesterday as I have had a dull ache in my lower abdomin for a couple of days. Thought at first it was ov pain but the doc called me back for a 2nd look/feel at the end of surgery . He has given me some antibiotics but made me another appointment for 7.40am om monday and said if no better i would have to go to hospital for scan! Great. why cant everything be simple.
  • Hi MrsMel. Sorry to hear things aren't as simple as they should be. I've been thinking similar things. I got pregnant with my 1st while on the pill (but had a bug and was throwing up) so all this is new to me and I'm finding it quite overwhelming. Sounds like your Dr is really on the ball and at least you will hopefully get some answers soon. xxx
  • I am just so impatient. I would love to poas and it be positive.x If i have a 14day LP then i will be testing around the 30th ! What about you
  • I'm going to try and wait until 24th/25th. Good luck at drs xx
  • Hi, I think I'll be testing around 28th April.

    welcome Mrs Mel! What does dr think it is??

  • At the morning appointment he thought it was appendix! but didnt think this at second. Sorry to give tmi but ther was blood in my urine sample. I am abit anxious about it really as dont want it to affect ttc. He said not a urine infection as it wasn't picked up in sample also it doesnt hurt when I wee. so no idea. Any suggestions. I am CD23. I ov CD21/22 according to cbfm
  • No idea what that could be. At least Dr is monitoring it for you. Hope antibiotics work for you and it's nothing too serious.

    Well I've had very sensitive nipples for a couple of days now (def not preg signs) but wondering if anyone else gets this after ov. They are only sensitive to the touch and when they brush against clothes/seatbelt etc. I'm hoping it is confirmation I did ov!

  • Sounds like a good symptom ! Lets hope its your month!
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