Advice Please

Hi everybody.

Two weeks ago I purchased a CBFM. Af came last Saturday afternoon (12th June) so I had to start the monitor on the Sunday. I poas this morning (CD9 on monitor) and I had two bars (high fertility). Now I'm really confused because my cycles have been about 34 days long the past couple of months and the monitor is showing that I'm about to ovulate too early. Do you think the monitor is broken? Has anybody else experienced this? If this is the case, do I start bedding now? I can't find the instructions to find out!!

I'd very much appreciate your advice.

Many thanks

Kelly x


  • if its your first month chick i got highs right the way through from about cd9-22 its just getting to know your body you may not get a peak for ages yet,i always say in the first 2 months of using the cbfm try not think too much into it as its tryng to gt used to your body/cycles x

    hth xx
  • Hi
    Thanks for responding.
    Yes it is my first month.
    Right ok - thanks. So is it best to start bedding when I get three bars then and not take much notice of the two bars? We bed every other day anyway so hopefully it won't matter lol!! Sorry if tmi!!
    Thanks x
  • I'm exactly the same hun, my last cycle was 34 days and i'm on my first month using cbfm. I've been getting highs since cd8 and now i'm on cd15 with no peaks.

    Like grudie says, it's just getting used to your cycles. We're bd'ing every other day and then when i get my peak we will bd every day and hopefully i won't need a second month on it image

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