new here!

i just want to say all your questions and answers have helped me loads ! me and my OH have been TCC for 4 months and i've read loads of websites for tips but being around people in the same boat has helped me loads. my best mate had a baby at the weekend and has told me not to visit till next week cos her family are visiting. i was so excited for her and couldn't wait to meet her lo. she knows we're trying and i can't help but think she's pushing me out. our friends with children have visited i feel like an outsider. i cried my heart out after coming off the phone to her! my af is due in a couple of days maybe i'm hormonal cos of that but i'm having a really off day today.:cry:
hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow and i'll come back and be more cheerfull,


  • Hello and welcome. I'm sorry you're having such an emotional time at the moment. I'm sure your friend didnt mean to push you out. You get so many visitors when you have a new baby and perhaps if you go after the family have gone then you'll be able to have the baby to yourself(well with mum) and have a proper girly chat that you wouldnt be able to have with others there.
    I hope that af doesnt find you and you get a bfp instead. Look forward to chatting with you more, good luck!!
  • hello and welcome image

    as hjanea says sorry to hear you are having an emotional time at the moment, these hormones eh!!!
    i hope you get to see your friend's baby soon.

    really really hope you get a BFP soon - lots of babydust to you xxx
  • Welcome to the site carlyfee. xx
  • Hello and welcome x
  • thank you for the warm welcome! and thank you for taking the time to reply ! you have all made me feel a whole lot better. except i just cried at emmerdale that is tragic!
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