Do you think?

It's a good sign that I have no AF signs at all? I am due on a week tomorrow and have no sore boobs or not as much as I normally do?

I normally have sore swollen boobs for uptp two weeks before I am due on. I have sore nipples but have had then a few days after ov?

I am normally bloated as well which i am not? My boobs have only just today got a little sore around the sides but thats if i touch them and poke them lol

I know it could be many things like the fact I have just come off the pill so I could start to get different AF signs or that i might not be due on a week as this is my first natural bleed so it could weeks till I get it?

k xx


  • This could be a good sign but its still a bit too early to tell, i wish you luck and hope you get your bfp. xx
  • Hi K-lou. I agree with debbiemc, I think it is a bit too early to are sympton spotting!!!! Stop now or you'll send yourself mad!!!! I do still hope it's good news for you though.


  • LOL thanks girls I actually feel really good today had nothing today that I would say was a sign no pains no nothing really. I just thought it odd as i ALWAYS get AF signs two weeks before though I have just come off so it could mean loads of things.

    Thanks girls

    K xx
  • hi K-lou

    i do hope its good news for you, but not to bring you down but i have found that since coming off the pill i don't have any of the same signs that af is on way!!

    i used to get cramps & sore bbs but don't anymore!!!

    good luck, hope you get BFP!!!!
  • I don't know about you but i'm finding it really hard not to symptom spot, that's why i'm glad I tested and I know now so I can calm down a bit (or at least that's the theory lol) x
  • It is really hard part of me wants to know so badly but I knw it;s too soon to test so will test maybe on monday that will be 10 dpo but really I should be testing next friday.

  • How about we both test together next Friday? Unless either of us has AF before then of course x
  • I have been symptom spotting since about 2 dpo!! Now 10 dpo and holding out to test on Sat! Like danipink though my AF symptoms are totally different to when I was on the pill x

    Fingers crossed for you K-Lou would be fab to get a BFP in your first month ttc! x
  • Jenny that would be great lets test friday morningimage

    Daydreamer - thank you I am just not sure if i am looking at nothing here as I guess my af signs would be different now as I am off the pill. I would feel truly blessed if i was lucky enough to fall on our first month image

  • It's a deal K xxx
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