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I am self employed and work from home which is great and I don't knock it at all (not much work on at moment too) but my OH and I are moving soon and going into rented to watch the house market a bit before we buy again. What with the house move and TTC I feel that is all I ever think about. My OH is into his cars and so has weekends away at races and stuff and even goes to France to the 24 hour race they have there. So he gets loads of little holidays and breaks away but I feel left at home all the time. I go with him to some of the car things but its not my thing. When we do have time together he wants to slob out watching telly or reading the papers. But...because I spent all day at home working when the weekends come I want to get out and do something but he doesn't.

Most of my friends are in couples or have children so its hard planning weekend met ups so when he is away I go see my mum or potter at home and I am bored.

I want to plan a holiday but with us moving we have no money and OH says he has too much on his mind and wants to wait.

Feeling frustrated for being little wifey at home all the time. Because we are moving to a new area I can't book an evening course or anything coz I don't know where we will be exactly. All this bored time leaves me thinking about babies and pregnancy.

Any advice? Betty x x


  • What about getting into a sport - or some exercise now the long evenings are here? I find just getting out in the fresh air when I take my dogs for a walk really boosts my mood.
    Just a suggestion - hope you find something to take your mind off ttc for a bit.
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