Does anyone else get excited when they know that they did everything right at the right time?

I know it doesn't always work but everytime I know I have done eveything I can do I get so excited that we may have made a baby!

So on to the two long weeks of waiting lol

Good luck everyone and lots of PMA and baby dust for all

Jen ximage


  • Hi, Im 1 DPO to.

    Its only my first month off the pill but it certainly appears that i have ovulated. Had lots of EWCM, twinges & cramps then went on to have a very pos OPK on Sunday. BDing at all the right times so fingers crossed.

    Good luck.xxxxxxx
  • Definately with you on that one!!! Quick question for you ladies, i had alot of EWCM on sat and yesterday also but FF said I ovulated on saturday - can you still get EWCM after you have ovulated??
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