TTC is emotional enough

hi girls

I don't want to start another post on a certain thread but can we please stop commenting to have it go?

TTC is emotional and hard at times and we are all here for support. There are lots of threads about AF gone AWOL(like my own), people waiting for AF, people being diagnosed with PCOS etc.

This is really tough already so we don't also want other upset and then random people who joined to insult us.
I like a good argument so that is not my point but please can we all be careful about how we write things and re read to see if they might be insulting?(english is not my first language so I am already always worried about that)
There is no point in adding any heartbreak to what is already caused by TTC.

I hope we all have the strength to get through TTC and lets help each other through it.
Big hugs to everybody

sorry, for perhaps random post but I fel strongly about this forum because of all the support I have got, am also sobbing writing this because I don't know what happened to my AF this month and it confuses me


  • Well said shuck and I hope it's a shy bean, fingers crossed for you xx
  • Oh sweetie, (((((hugs))))) and babydust, lets see if we can't get rid of that horrid post! xxx
  • Oh hun, sending giant (((((hugs))))) and hope you get your BFP or AF soon. I agree with everything you've said...we all need to stick together to help each other through. xx
  • I didn't take it badly, just wanted our quiet and peaceful BE back
    and thanks for your sweet replies

    am 16dpo I think but might be wrong, had little spotting the last two nights but nothing during the day so perhaps a slow bean :LOL:

  • I completely agree shuck, I read Tink's message yesterday, then logged off & didnt think anything of it...come back on tonight & cant believe whats happened... about a can of worms!!

    Where are all the nice supportive, informative messages gone? image I hope they come back soon! xx
  • hun. i agree with you, all this is not good for any of us. really hoping youve got a shy bean or you ov'd late.xxxx
  • Very well said Shuck!

    Wow Shuck! I would never have guessed that English wasn't your first language!! Well done, I wish I could learn a language as well as you have!!! I loved languages at school and did German at college then Uni too but would still not be that good! xx

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  • Amy and Ruby, thanks for the compliment, German is my first language image

    Grudie, why do you say sorry, it wasn't your fault, I have never directly talked to you but read lots of advice you gave and give and that is all that counts on here anyway image
  • Curls - I was the same as you, I read it, didn't take it as meaning to cause offence, and I replied. I came on a couple of hours later to see it had all kicked off.
    I was ashamed that I had replied what I did, as I felt I had fuelled the fire, by pretty much agreeing with the post. But I hadn't taken it in the way that had upset others, and had just posted my personal habits during the 2ww. I hope I didn't upset anyone, everyone that I have "met" through this site has been so kind, supportive and ready to share, and I would hate to have caused any upset x x
  • if you read my original post i didnt disagree with what she has said just part of it so i feel like i fulled the fire...i didnt agree with the whole of it tho and since difference of opinion happen its inevitable chick so please dont think it was you

    i places people will always favour one over another some like black some like white its learning to listen to what the other person is saying even if you dont agree with it and debate about it debates are good i think x
  • I had seen that you hadn't disagreed. And I really don't think you should feel that you have to apologise.
    Before I even joined this site and was just lurking in the background, I realised that there were many fantastic ladies on here and that you were one of them. Don't beat yourself up over this, like you say a debate is healthy!! And usually it's good fun! Take care hun x x
  • hi amy and ruby!! hope you are ok after your website suggestion caused a bit of a debate earlier!hope your oh is safe and well in the forces xx
  • braw so as far as were all concered as old rafikie said (lion king lol) it all in the past

    lets talk sex..babies and the stuff you never get told about at school lol
  • Thanks deballen,
    Yes he's very well and making the most of being home!

    Awww Grudie! Rafikie! Must watch that now! x
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