Anyone been trying 8 months+?

Well, if it hasn't worked this month, it will be 8 months since we started TTC. Am starting to worry something is wrong (am sure many of you feel this way too!) and am getting pretty desperate. Am thinking of making an appt with Dr's...does anyone know what sort of tests they do?
Lora xxxxx


  • Hi Loraloo,
    Yeah, i've been trying 10 months now but just been diagnosed with PCOS so i know the reason why i keep getting BFN's. Good luck at the docs, i'm sure everything will be ok. Fingers crossed we get our BFPs really soon. Sx:\)
  • We been trying since May 2007. Went to docs in March this yr. OH had SA done - which came back fine. Ive had prolactin levels checked - which were too high and has been causing me to not ovulate. Ive also had day 21 progesterone level checked to check ovulation and am having day 2 hormone levels checked on Thursday. Now theyve worked out that Im not having proper menstrual cycles as my hormones are wrong and Im not ovulating - they are going to give me Clomid in August to stimultate ovulation. Then we might actually have a chance of a BFP!! I have to say the support Ive been getting has been brilliant and I can contact the nurse specialist whenever I want for advice! She said to me to TRY not to worry and let them do the worrying - which I thought was kind.
    The only thing Im frustrated with is that Im not going to get put on Clomid until August 27th which is when my appointment is.

    Sending you PMA - I have a bit to go round now I know something is being done!
  • hi loraloo, i went today, to see the doctor about it, i've been trying for around the same time as you. and you have to be trying for a year until they can do tests, they check your womb, eggs, stuff like that, but they also have to check your partners sperm (he won't be too happy with tht, mine ceraintly isnt lol) but good luck and you might just be stressing too much about getting pregnant that is making you not concieve cos stress is a huge factor or infertility! Maybe go on a lil break ith him or something around the time you ov! Might help, goodluck xx
  • Its so nice to see that there are still a few old timers left on the site. Not nice for us obviously as we'd all sooner be on the pg forum but i'm pleased we're not doing this alone!! Lets hope we all get our BFP's in the next month or 2.
    Good luck girls.
  • Can I join!

    I'm on cycle 9 month 12 - long cycles and life has got in the way a couple of times!

    My oh worked out that 17% of people wouldn't have got pregnant by that stage just through luck! So that made me feel better.

    I think PMA at this stage is more important than ever!!

    R x
  • Hi I'm on month 8 as well, and i've been to the doctors as I have a family history of subfertility.

    My gran only ever had my mum and my mum had me then no pregnancies until my sister when i was 16. Both had very regular periods, as do i. I have one child of 2 &1/2 and conceived her on the first try but both gran & mum conceived first time but then no more ,or no more for 16 years for mum

    I am having my day 21 bloods taken next Wed and my dh is taking his "sample" (LOL) in to the hospital tomorrow morning.
    Slightly annoyed that he has to "save himself " for the sample and I should be ov'ing now(if i do ov) Never happy am i !! :lol:

    Maxi xxx
  • I'm moving into month 13 now although we have been seriously trying for 7 months of that. I've just realised that even if I get pregnant now that I won't be a mum til I'm 31 and I wanted things to be sooner than that so that made me feel down.

    Also, although I want to go and see the Docs I'm also scared in case they tell me that we can't have kids so I have been putting that off for ages now. Just going to make an extra effort next month. Have told DH that we have to bd every other day without question!! We've been finding it really hard to stick to it cos we both have very hectic lives and work long hours.

    Hope we all get our BFPs soon.

  • Hi! Can I join!?

    We have been trying for 9 months. Been to the doctor and it sounds like we have been really really lucky. I have a day 21 progesterone test which came back as the levels being too low to confirm ovulation. At the same time they tested my thyroid and found it was underactive so have been put on medication for that. I was then referred to the hospital and had a ultrasound and internal scan early this wek. and getting results next week. OH has also been referred for a SA, which he needs to book in. It's been great actually, we've had all that done within 4 weeks of going to see the doctor!! Hoping we get some answers soon!! (glimmer of hope we may have done it this month as on CD37....they have been 32 days for last few months, but have so far resisted the urge to test!)

    Clare x
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