Does the way you pee on the stick make any difference?

Hi Girls, i had a BFN this morning... Does the way you pee on the stick ( pee direct on to it or dip in a smaple pot) make any difference you think? Or am i just clutching at straws?

How did all you BFP pee lol?



  • Sorry to hear you had a bfn image
    As long as you pee on the stick and not in the control window bit it should be ok. I personnaly pee and dip to avoid messing up a test! Oh and always lie them flat. x
  • I used cheapie strips from ebay so always pee'd and dipped and they were accurate for me. I made sure I didn't leave in the wee more than time though as thought it would dilute the test strip too much and not show but thats prob rubbish!
    My best tip would be not to test early- if you leave it until day af due you are MUCH more likely to get a pos result and you won't have upset yourself repeatedly testing too early.
    Best of luck xx
  • i always used to dip but i couldnt find my pee pot so i had to pee on the stick and got my bfp,then i raced round to find my pot and dipped another one too and got another bfp so i dont think it makes any difference :lol:

  • lol at 'pee pot' it just sounds funny. this is definitly the place to get all of the best tips...gonna have to get me a pee pot
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