I'm ovulating!!!

I finally got my peak on my CBFM!!!!

This is our last month of TTC as I can't take it anymore! LoL!
So we're going all out and really giving it a good last go ;0)

Pointless post really but i'm just so excited to be babymaking and knowing we really need to go for it this month and also in a strange way knowing that if it doesn't work then I wont have to feel so low like I do each month when af comes.

Like I said, pointless post I just had to write it down!!

Happy BD'ing everyone xx


  • Hello fellow army wife,

    Very exciting news about your peak but so sad that you feel like giving up image

    I really hope this is your month, good luck xx
  • Thank you goonie!!
    It's been over a year now and it's taking over my life, so if it doesn't happen then i'll just be grateful that I have my beautiful Ruby and focus all my energy on her image
    But plllllllllllllllllllllllllease can it happen this month and be a sticky one!! Haha!! xx
  • I'm about to go into month 8 (af due tomorrow)and am feeling the same having already been lucky enough to have one perfect son.

    Why is it so hard!!!

    Fingers crossed this month is lucky x
  • I have everything crossed for you Amy! Let this be your month (but you're right, you're so lucky to have your gorgeous girly) x
  • Good luck Amy and Ruby, that is a very good news. I hope this is your month! Sending you lots of positive thoughts.
    Goonie good luck also. You might have some good news then any day now image
    I am on CD9, don't think I am ov yet...but we are bd all the same image

    Hope it is a lucky month fellow army wifes!xxxx

  • Ooooh fingers crossed for tomorrow goonie!!

    Thank you littleroseimage
    I love you avatar btw! She's such a cutie!

    Thank you Naturelle, Wishing you lots of luck for this month xx
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