Has anyone just come of the pill and TTC?

Just wanted to know as just come off and not using protection and hoping for bean - it seems that everyone waits for their first AF before TTC - I can see why people do this to see cycles etc, but is anyone else just going for it????



  • Hi

    I came off the pill 4 months ago and used protection for the first month to wait for AF. It helps your body out, and sometimes conceiving straight after the pill has been known to cause MC's. We've been TTC since and didn't get a BFP this month, but my periods are finally back to how they were before going on the pill. For some girls it can take longer.

    Good luck hun xxx
  • I got pregnant first month of trying with Lily. I came off the pill and didn't wait for first 'proper' AF...it never came because I was pregnant. Have done the same again this time, but feel more relaxed about the whole thing so not dragging hubby to bd all the time lol. x
  • Hi

    I am coming off the pill on Weds when this packet ends and we are going to TTC straight away.

    I have read that you can get a big rise in fertility when you come off the pill for the first 3 months off, and then it can dip suddenly. (don't know if its a load of rubbish, but I did read it on a DR website). So my theory is try straight away : ) xxxxx
  • My doc told me to ttc straight away, said the only reason to wait would be for accurate dating but given they use the scan anyway it seems a pointless argument. Don't know if being 37 had anything to do with the advice given xx
  • I was also told that it's more helpful to work out dates if you wait for first AF. I came off the Pill in Nov and we've been ttc since, but I am still waiting for my first "real" AF (and I am definately not preggers- 3 BFNs have confirmed that!) So it can take a wee while, there are some lovely ladies on here that have waited 50+ days for their first AF!! The Pill does some crazy stuff to you!
    Baby dust to all x
  • Hey, some people say you should have a proper period first, before TTC and some people say that you can be more furtile when coming off the pill and could fall straight away. I came off end of Sept, had my bleed, then a period every 28/29 days, so nice and regular, am hoping this month could be my month for a BFP, testing end of Jan!! Zxx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, I guess it depends on what yo read/think then? I guess I'll just keep TTC and see how it goes, it's so silly, I just want one now, lol!!! I know what you mean though about dragging husband off all the time - he wonders what has happened to me, lol! Thanks and good luck everyone image
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