TV Scan question!

Hi All,

I don't know if anyone would know the answer to this but I am not having much luck from looking on the internet! My cycle length can vary between 32 - 38 days'ish, but for the last few cycles they have come down to 32 days consistantly. I am now on day 35 and I have so far resisted the urge to POAS! I haven't had any symptoms that I could differentiate from period type symptoms....dull lower abdo pain occassionally, slightly tender boobs....but there is a glimmer of hope as the witch hasn't found me yet!

Anyway, I was booked in for a TV (internal) scan this morning. I should have asked the nurse, but didn't feel I could..but if I was pregnant would she have been able to see anything at this early stage? All she saidf was that she could see cysts on the left ovary but not much else going on. Do I take this as I am definately not, or would there be nothing to see anyway???

I think by some pains I had i may have ovulated late, so if I am right I would be 9dpo.
Sorry for the long post, it's been really playing on my mind today!

Clare x


  • Hi - I didn't want to r & r! I don't 100% know the answer but I have had internal scan for PCOS as they couldn't see my ovaries on normal ultrasound - took them 1/2 hours to find them - lol xx My legs have never shook so much!

    I believe they can see everything that is going on inside, but if you are pg it would be early days so there could be nothing to see if the cells are still dividing? Not sure tho xx They would have said something if they had seen anything though. Hope you get the anwers you want xx
  • Hi hun. I think someone else asked this question. You can't really see the sac or anything until ablot 6 weeks. Which is why that is usually the earliest they do any baby scans. Sorry. xx
  • i think that at 9dpo it may still be implanting so would not really be visible as so small. Fingers crossed you have a bfp in the making hun. Babydust for you.
    Filo x
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