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Calling all clearblue ov stick users!!!!

Hey girls have never used ov sticks, but yesterday and today i have....the surge line was darker yesterday than today (im on cd14) what i want to know does that mean i ov???? I dont know it theres always 2lines on these or only when ur surge is building up?!? Ive been bedding for the past wk so not worrried about missing ov time if it happened really early, just wana know if there always 2lines on these or only when the surge is building?!? Does that make any sense!!!! kim xxxxxxximage


  • Hi Woomummy

    I just bought these yesterday as had mc beginning last month, and my af is all over the place, so hopefully they will predict my ov, I have not used them yet, will be in few days time, hope I get same result.


  • Hi Kim

    I used these a cpl of months ago really good. Ok, I tested on day 10 thru till day 16. On day 11 i had a faint surge line then day 12 a very dark line and day 13 light again then the days after that nothing. So that means you have OV Yippee.

    Good luck xxxx
  • Ohhh!!!!! Am getting excited now!!! Did u use the ones that r like pg test pee on them and have a window to look at?!? So could i of tested after the surge then, know its ok as have bedded everyother form day 7 anyway!!! Wasnt sure as the diagrams show two lines so wasnt sure if the lines only came when the surge starts to build up!!!! So in theory as it was darker yest (but not as dark as control line) and lighter today i would of bd dead on the surge day which would of been the day b4!!!! And it would fit in with this spotting that started yest...almost gone only light brown streak mixed with cm now, slight cramping but had that from ov last month too!!!! Oh jen, i may be in with a chance after all!!!! kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh Kim grab my hands and lets jump up and down together in excitment ok now calm yourself!

    Quick run get mr woomummy and go babydance till he goes back to work, poor man will be exhausted hee hee.

    Goodluck hunny i got everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxxx
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