Dreaming of BFP?!

I've dreamt for 3 nights in a row now I've had a BFP, in fact this morning when I woke up I'd just had a dream that I'd woken up, POAS and got a really quick + on a SD test. I was so confused for about 2 minutes I thought I was actually pg :\(

Has anyone else had this? H2b thinks I should POAS as my dreams have a habit of coming true but I'm so frightened of a BFN that I daren't!



  • It's so weird you should post this because i've been thinking for a week or so now fate was trying to tell me something.

    I've dreamt of a BFP 3 times this cycle too and i went into an office the other day and they had lots of quotes dotted around the place. Right at the top of the stairs when you walk in was "expect a positive." I was sat in the office like :lol:

    And then yesterday OH was edging out at a difficult junction and a car nearly hit him. The reg ended BFP i was like :\? But as i'm on cd22 and still haven't ov, plus OH was working away all week i thought we would be out this month as no doubt i'll probably ov this week... but OH rang about half hour ago and his car broke down on the way to London so he's coming home!

    I'm like image Someone somewhere is trying their best to get me a BFP i think!

  • Thanks Mrs Me!! Lady2188 lets hope we're both psychic!! xxx
  • I bloody hope so!

  • I had another BFP dream!! xx
  • lmao, yay, i think? when r u testing? btw lady2188, bfp on the registration plate is WELL weird! x
  • mrs *me* I did a test this morning (9dpo) but was BFN. My temps went up again today so I'm hoping to be lucky this month! Lady when are you due to test? xx
  • i hope so too! naughty naughty for testing, it is v early tho, so ur defo stil in the game image xxxxxx
  • I know, slapped wrists for me! Hubs is in hospital (was admitted yesterday with a terrible rash all over his body!) and I was trying to cheer myself up image xxxx
  • Well i'm cd23 but still waiting for a peak on cbfm so don't think i've even ov'd yet!

    Getting frustrated now, i need to see a sign that says "you are ovulating" lol!

    Yeah 9dpo is very early hun, your well in still!
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