Anyone heard from BroodyKate?

Have I missed a name change/BFP from her?
Just wondered where she went is all... anyone know?


  • I have been wondering the same Garfield as she was my coming off contraception buddy, we were both waiting for af's! x
  • Hmmm, hope she's ok. Might see if I still have her email and send her a quick message. x
  • yeah me too! wonder where she went? hope shes ok! maybe shes just trying to chill out about it all? xxx
  • I was thinking the same thing the other day!!
    Last I remember her oh was poorly and they were looking into getting married!!

    Hope everything is ok

  • I was also wondering! I also remember her saying her OH had been unwell so they weren't trying for a month or so, and talking about wedding plans, so maybe she's caught up in other things.

    Hope all is well BK. x
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