Ovary pain-???

Does anyone know what this is all about?
I've had pain in my ovaries and ewcm for a week now. Have been bd lots in case this is ov, no period for 3 1/2 months now and I've had ewcm and ovary pain a few times before now this cycle, for a few days at a time. Each time I've got excited that it's ovulation but blood tests show it isn't and no period comes. No point doing ov sticks with a 108 day cycle!image

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow to take next steps to investigate what's going on... 7 months ttc #1 after pill for 8 years. Just wondered if anyone has had this?


  • Anyone?? Does it sound like pcos? My previous periods have been 40-50 days with ewcm and ov pain once mid-cycle. I'm not overweight, 25, no other health probs.
  • Hi, i have PCOS but i've never been that long without a period, i'm like you, 26, not overweight, don't have any of the typical symptoms of PCOS, but have had it confirmed that i do have it. Sorry i've not been much help, hope the Drs can find out what's going on.

    Good luck x x
  • Thanks for replying poppy, maybe I do have pcos without the typical symptoms. I just want to start ovulating to have a chance at ttc!
  • hey chic,

    i'm sorry i don't have an answer but wanted to say ggo luck at docs.

  • hi hun, how did it go at docs. ive been looking at my charts tonight and noticed that i get watery cm and ov pain for up to 10days before ov.xxx
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