hi, did my first response this morning and it was a bfn, i'm sure af is going to start soon, can't believe she ould be so cruel and be at least a week late image


  • Oh no image fingers still crossed for you - maybe you took the test too early to show?

    AF is an evil one - she turned up 5 days late to me last month! I've moved house this month so I'm hoping she doesn't find meimage
  • Im so sorry girlinleeds, its so heartbreaking when you get a bfn, i really hope you get your bfp soon hun. xxx
  • sorry to hear that hun. Not over til AF shows though. PMA and babydust.
    Filo x
  • Sorry for your BFN but hopefully its to early and the witch doesn't find you and you get you r BFP later in the week. Good luck
  • Sorry about your bfn, perhaps it'll be there later in the week. I got one today too, d26 of a 23-28 dc. Fingers crossed we both have good news in a few days!!xx
  • Oh hunny, sorry to hear that, but as everybody else has said she isnt here so keep your pma up its not over yet, ive got everything crossed for you xxxxxxx
  • hi ladies, had a bit of pink spotting today so i'm sure af will arrive anytime, at least if she does i can have a drink on my birthday next week, feeling quite down at the moment it's been 3 months since my mc and have only had one af since mc, all i want is to be pregnant again but at the moment just feel like giving up.
  • Oh poop- was keeping fingers crossed for you too. Maybe next month- it's still early days for body to be getting back to normal- I had my mc in early Oct and didn't get another bfp until March.
    It is so frustrating but the wait will be worth it in the end xxx
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