Too scared to buy a test!

My husband and I started trying for a baby on our wedding day which was CD6. We did 'it' lots throughout our honeymoon and now it's cd29. AF is due tomorrow bit I've started feeling sick and I have slight boob tenderness.

I feel like I'm being silly if I buy a test. I'll probably get AF in the next couple of days. I'm also scared of testing too early and getting a false neg.

I think I'll wait for AF for a couple more days. I didn't have any implantation bleeding. Does that always happen?

If I do need to buy a test which one should I get? Do you get early false negs with CBDs? Is it better to get one where I can look for a line?



  • From what I have read not everyone gets implantation bleeding and sometimes it is so little you miss it anyway...this is out first month of trying and I am feeling totally ill today, AF is due at the end of the week so I may totally be reading too much in to the symptoms I have...why not just wait another week or so hun and see what happens so it's best to wait as long as you can really I think x
  • hiya, implantation bleeding doesnt always happen, ur not being silly hun, dont worry, as emsypops says, why dont u wait and se if af shows first, then if ur a day or more late then test? good luck! hope uve done it image xxxx
  • Thanks for your replies. You're both right, I should try to hold off for a few days. I'm so stupid because I think I've managed to convince myself that I am Pg but the chances are that I'll get AF any day.

    Last week I was convinced that I wasn't because I didn't have any symptoms and people seem to get tender breasts really early. Then my sister told me that she felt nothing until 5 weeks and now I have got a bit of breast tenderness. I have felt a few waves of nausea and this morning was by far the worst bit I'm sure I could have created that with my mind!

    I just need to try to put it out of my mind for a few days.

    Good luck other ttc ladies.

  • As the others have said you dont always get implantation bleeding. I got my BFP yesterday and had no bleed at all.
    I would recommend First Responce as I have always got good lines with those even very early. I got my BFP last time at 9DPO.
    I have also found asdas own very good. Have got a BFP at 10DPO with them and they are 2 for just under ??4.

    CBD are less sensitive so may not show up yet but I think a false +ive on any test is v v v rare xxx
  • hello

    congrats on your wedding!

    implantation pain/bleeding is acctually quite rare, first response is prob the best one, although if AF is due tomorrow then a clear blue digi would probably work

    good luck x
  • I never got any implantation bleeding with my little boy, just nausea first thing in mornings before id eaten anything.xx Good Luck.xx
  • Ok thanks ladies. I'll keep you posted. I should know by the end of this week one way or the other.

    Any of you testing this week? x
  • not this week, i am only 2DPO ages to go!
  • Oh I hope you're right!
  • But if not there's always next month......
  • I am gonna test next week if AF hasn't showed, I hope she stays away lol x
  • Fingers crossed. I'm glad I've started using this forum. Hubs wants to keep all this very quiet so there's no one else I can talk to! x
  • Hiya,
    Implantation bleeding only happens to around 1/3 of all pg women so in a way its more of a sign not to have it. lol
    I am in a similar boat to you - feeling very sick especially when I don't eat for a few hours and so so tired!
    I have tested at what I think (not sure) is 14dpo so I guess I should wait until my period would be due in this cycle - about 15-16dpo?

    But I'm sure I've read some women don't get a bfp until a week late for AF.

    Hope this is a lucky month for you! xx
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