views needed please, Positive and neg tests

hello ladies

I would really appreciate your views or if anyone has had similar experience. AF would be due this Thursday, Did test on Thursday, Clear Blue and Superdrug with faint lines. Did test on Fri even Clear Blue also faint line. But oh wanted to see stronger lines and said faint lines don't mean preg (i tried explaining to deaf ears) so did another on Sat which was neg also did another this morn, neg.

I don't want to buy another test until a few days after AF due, but can't stop worrying that baby is gone.

My period pains have gone another notch up, but not as bad as when having normal periods. And feel dizzy and tired and hungry, just generally [email protected]

I have never had pains for this long before a period... it's nearly 1 1/2 wkimage

I don't know who to talk to and your views appreciated, thanks


  • Hi hun, am just new to trying so can't really offer much advice sorry, maybe wait a few days and then test again with a FR test from superdrug as have heard CB can give false negatives if you test too early.

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