When do I test?

Hi Ladies

I'm on CD 28 of 34 day cycle and for the past fews days have been having really really bad heart burn and tight stretching in my abdomien as well as other symptoms. Trying to stay calm and relaxed but do feel very excitied. When should I test? I did do a test last night but got a BFN, but then I guess it was too early.:lol:


  • hi little_l,

    sorry to hear you got a bfp but could still be too early to tell, the stretching across your tum sounds promising but am not sure if you would get heart burn so soon (when i was pregnant with my daughter this only started bout half way through).

    If i was you i would hang fire testing until you are at least due on or late as then if you are pg you will have more of the hcg hormone in your wee!!

    good luck x
  • There are some tests they say can tell you 6 days before af is due but I really would say wait another 6 days and test the day your AF is due.

    I wish you the best of luck image

    k xx


  • Thanks Nina_W. I read up on heart burn this afternoon, coz like u I thought it didn't happen until later on. But apparently it can be an early symptom for some women. SO keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Hey hun
    I have had loads of symptoms like cramping, sickness/hunger feeling, heartburn and sore nipples! I tested 6 days before with a FR kits but it was bfn and again this morning bfn, af is due on sat so gonna wait now, it is rare to get an early bfp i researched on the internet so try to wait till ur due or after, coz trust me its pants when ur sure u got symptoms but it come up bfn!
    good luck xxx
  • Thanks ladies gonna try and stay strong and wait until wednesday before I test again!!! Also gonna try and not symptom spot but really can't see me succeding with that. :lol:

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