First month TTC, 1 day late! Am I over thinking this??


New to all this so 'hi' everyone!

This is the first month we have been TTC. My AF has always been so regular even now I'm off the pill (27 day cycle without fail!). Now I'm a day late ... keep feeling / thinking that I'm about to start, had all the usual symptoms (cramps, tiredness, frequent peeing, sore boobs etc) but nothing else. Anyone else had this? Thinking that I'm just getting way ahead of myself and AF will make an appearance anytime now but can't stop thinking 'what if?'

Mefe x


  • TAKE A TEST!!!!!!

    Sounds very promising! I would have taken about 10 tests by now, can I borrow some of your self control!!?

  • How exciting, do a test!! I'm with Moomin, I would've poas loads by now :lol: fingers crossed you get your BFP hunni xxx
  • Thanks guys, I think I will if nothing happens today. Just was worried that I was getting ahead of myself and didn't want to be disappointed ... also, not sure I quite prepared myself for it happening this quick (assuming of course that it's not just my body playing tricks with me!)

    Mefe xx
  • OMG mefe10! How have you not POAS by now! I def need some of your self control! I need think about getting a loan for all of the stuff I'm weeing on these days!
  • Ok, so here's an update ... at about 3pm today I got a got what I thought was the start of my period, so thought well that's that then, except it's more like spotting and normally by now I'd have had the full blown thing (as I mentioned I am very predictable normally!) ... finally gave in and took a test which was negative image ... am feeling pretty confused now and not sure what the bloody hell my body is up to!!
  • aww hun chin up its still early days altho very dissapointing i know i have poas soooo many times only came off the bloody pill 4/5 weeks ago lol our bodies really do play tricks on us just see how it goes and keep us updated sending you a big ((((hug)))))))
  • This is all starting to give me a headache, plus can't sleep. Still don't have what I would describe as AF (not as I know it anyway!) Still have light spotting, then sometime when I go for a pee it's a little heavier (sorry if TMI!) but it doesn't then amount to anything. Plus I have lost 4lbs in weight since Monday without even trying! Starting to think something else might be up! Anyone else experienced anything like this??
  • Maybe worth POAS again. I have no idea what IB is like, but I've heard that people mistake it for AF.
    Fingers crossed for you.
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