OMFG, Have I done the CRAZIEST thing anyones ever done


Im a lunatic,

I innocently went to card factory to get a xmas card for my brother when i spotted a xmas to card entitled "from the bump" merry xmas and all that jazz.

as some of you know my poas day is xmas eve/xmas day when af is due....

I thought what a good way of telling the parents on both side, by giving them the card when we see then on xmas and boxing day

SO i then thought....wellllllllllll it wont be open on xmas eve or day and theres only two left and it is only 89p....

so i brought them.... and got home and filled them out :roll:

Im definatly insane and possibly jinxed myself..... image

So either slap me girlies or puhleaseeeeeeee tell me you have done something equally or more crazy!


  • Well i havent actually 'bought' anything, but i have planned to the detail how to tell our parent's...and my best friend...and my husband...and my work friends...LOL !!

    So no your not crazy, i think it's natural to get excited about it, even if it hasnt happened yet, who know's, you might just get your xmas wish !!

    Iv planned most things in my head already...not out of being crazy, but out of sheer excitement that soon i may get my BFP !!!

    I wish you all the luck for you BFP.

  • You are officially insane!!! It would be wonderful if you could put those cards to good use, i truly hope you get your Christmas BFP!!
    Good Luck xx
  • oooh that would be so lovely! (a little bit crazy though if i'm honest! lol) i've bought a couple of baby things which I pass off as being for presents for people when i have no intention of giving them away!

    btw i've just noticed your profile pic - that can't be for real is it??
  • haha as long as it gives me good luck!

    Im not gonna tell hubby, he will have me sectioned!
  • yep, you are crazy but you can have me as a friend in that padded cell
    I decided that I would like to tell DH by putting a lil parcel with a babygro and the BFP in his stocking...well, of course I don't have a BFP(no out yet tho) but already bought the I think I am jinxing it

  • It could be a sign that this month is your month! I was dreaming about telling my parents at christmas, lol! xxx
  • i think cass is right hun, i believe in fate really hope you get to use them.xxxxxxxxxx
  • that is a wee bit crazy love but you're forgiven!
    I did find myself in the baby section in John Lewis at lunchtime, looking at cots?? Had to have a word with myself... xx
  • haha cass i'm testing a week tomorrow and said to OH yesterday wouldn't it be great to tell our parents at christmas - at least it shows we have a pma!
  • That's hilarious! I can't believe they actually stock these things but what a lovely touch!
    The mad part is not that you bought them but that you've actually written them out already! He he!
    PMA or what?! Good luck huni xx
  • OMG - insane - I love it!!!!!LOL

    I so hope you get your BFP and can send them with pride.

    I've thought about how I'll tell OH but when I calm down and stop day dreaming - I imagine i'll just blurt it out.

  • Hehe!!! Let's hope it was premonition and not wishful thinking....... Fingers crossed!!
  • thanks for all the lovely posts,

    i think ive just gone insane, its taken ten months, bt im deffo insane.

  • would you wanna tell people that soon?
    fair play if you do!!

  • I thought I was bad sometimes getting my oh a card from the cats! let-alone a 'bump' card! I love it though and it if cheers you up and makes you smile what's the harm? Good luck with your BFP, you deserve it with that rude veg. I looked at it and thought - oooh, bit too riske!!

    Fingers corssed hon,

  • I think your a bit loopy but love it though image I am too superstitious to do anything like that lol xx
  • Hahaha what a lovely idea! Bit crazy, but lovely! I hope it brings you good luck pet! xx
  • I played it safe with my other 3 mc, but this time im going to tell our parents, hoping its fourth time lucky!!!
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