Hi I'm new

Hi there. My name is Sam and OH and I are trying for our second baby this month. I used a forum with my last pregnancy and it was great getting to know everyone.I came off the pill a few months ago (my periods had almost completly stopped when I was on it) and had the first af on the 19th of last month. Im not sure when I ov or how long my cycle is atm using the ov calculator based on a 28 day cycle it says I would ov between 30th June and 5th July so we BD on 1st 3rd 5th and 7th, and will probably carry on untill af arrives or BFP.

Im symptom spotting like mad but I dont know how early you start feeling symptoms as with my son I didnt find out untill 8 weeks and I had no sickness or symptoms at all.

I have had a touch of the runs (sorry) and very gassy over the last few days and have felt really hot and uncomfortable, strange taste in my mouth and breakout of spots. Also it sounds really strange but I just feel really clumsy!
Anyway sorry about the long detailed post, I am just so excited, I'm going to try and hold off testing till the 19th and I know its so unlikley we woud have fallen pregnant this month.

Good luck everyone! xxx


  • hiya and welcome image would be great if u fell strait away! so good luck for testing image
  • Just wanted to say hello and that I am on the exact same dates as you so we should be testing together, hope were both celebrating! We are also trying for our 2nd baby, look forward to chatting.
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