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I have been off the pill for 3 weeks now and trying for 2 weeks. BD every other day since I finished my withdrawal bleed.

The past 2 days I have had these weird pains to the left of my belly button, and really constipated. Tummy has gone quite firm. Yesterday I had (TMI COMING UP) This really weird glue like mucas come out in like a big blob?? Dont know what this is???

Could this be signs of pregnancy or ovulation? Or am I reading too much into it just cos I am ttc?


  • Hi stacey!

    have you done a OPK atall since you have been off the pill?

    the pains maybe because your constipatedand also you r tummy being firmer than usual? (sorry if i sound like i've popped your bubble) but would hate to give you false hope?! :-/

    the CM that you've had sounds like you could be or have OV'd. i would suggest you get a OPK and POAS as soon as! but its quite common-ive had this CM before (before we were ttc)

    will kep my fingers crossed for you and send you lots of ********baby dust*******

    keep us posted!!

    Lucy xxx
  • Thanks, I have just read up on this sort of CM and it could be a sign of ovulation.

    As its our first time/month of TTC, we are trying to not use any sort of OV sticks or anything. Just want to see how things go naturally. If nothing has happened after 3 months, then I will definately start getting more technical : )

    All of these symptoms are sooo confusing ! lol ! But I am learning ! Still going to keep BD every other day - then I figure whenever I ovulate I should have plenty of swimmers there ready for action ! LOL ! Hope it works this way !

  • OMG!! Stacey! sorry if TMI but just went to loo and when i wiped i had the glue like mucus!! LOADS of it! hahahahaha!!! excited i know im defo OV so you must be too!!! image was yours (TMI) stringy??? omg i just feel really excited now!! should probably calm down and wait n see but cant help thinking about it!!!! hahaaa! defo keep me posted!! xxxxx BABY DUSTxxxxxx
  • ha ha ha !!! So funny ! Yes mine was really stringy ! White and gloopy ! I must be OV !!!! YAYYY! OK - if this means I am - is BD every other day still OK? I dont really want to miss my window - but i've heard the swimmers will be no good if I do it every day??
  • hahaa!! yes!! yes BD every other day is fine because the swimmers can hang around for about 48 hrs me thinks!! it wont hurt to do it every day, but its not good if you get your OH to keep holding on to it and then wait till OV as they become slugish!! but ooohh how Bloody exciting!! image

    will be thinking of you!! keep me posted tho hun!

    BABY DUST!! xxxxxx
  • I will keep you posted - and you keep me posted on how you get on : )

    I just emailed OH and was all exited ! We could have made a baby last night !! lol ! Sooo exciting !

    I know my chances of a bfp are quite slim first try - but you never know !

    Good luck honey xxx
  • Will do!! image

    haha bless has he emailed back yet!? we BD las night too! haha so we could have too!

    Just keep the PMA going!! who knows what will happen???

    good luck to you too sweet! xxxxx
  • He just phoned from a meeting at work - bless him - he said 'cant talk... very exited... speak later ! lol !

    I just realised that the pain to the left of my tummy could be OV pains !! Wow ! Its all becoming very real now !

    I am cheering the little swimmers on ! LOL !
  • haha bless!

    yes thats where mine is too! but is it quite low down?? haha oh bizare! image

    yeh like "SWIM-SWIM-SWIM-SWIM" haha axxxx
  • Yeah. Its left of the belly button and then down about 2 inches and it was really painful yesterday and a little achey the day before!

    Come on little swimmers - YOU CAN DO IT ! ha ha ha!
  • haha! omg same!!!ooh now we have to enter our 2ww!!! ughhhhhhh!!!

    fingers crossed! image xxxxxx
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