af got me 1wk early

not happy af has turned up a wk early with no signs she was going to come now im in so much pain today and dd wants to run around a play and i just cant do it feel like curling up and going to bed

hope my cycle sorts itself out soon always been a 28/29 cycle last mth 31 and this mth 25 i hate my body right now :\?:\(


  • Sorry to hear she's found you.It's a bit of a shock when she turns up that early i expect? Chin up hun,July will be our month?xx
  • Oh no I am sorry honey, it seems there have been a lot of girls on here that have come on early how werid is that?

    I hope that you start to feel better xxxxxxx
  • oh hun sorry to hear she found you. hope you feel better soon. k-lou is right she really seems to have found an awful lot of girls early this month.xxxx
  • Sorry to hear that - I hope you feel better soon. I can totally sympathise - I am due tomorrow and have pains already and want to go to sleep! xx
  • thanks girls im feeling a bit better now took a few pain killers a while back and the pain has almost gone now thank god
  • oh no hun sorry to hear that. she is being very cruel this month. good luck for july - i think she will be on her holidays then image

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