Zero PMA today...

And it's the worst day possible for it - am ovulating today! On month 6, and feeling very glum. Normally I've been managing to stay quite chipper about it all, but today I have no PMA at all - time seems to be whizzing past, and not even a sniff of a BFP.

Family are constantly asking when we're having another, which really doesn't help, and to top it all off DH was made redundant last week. I can't bear the thought of stopping TTC, so we're going to carry on and hope something turns up quickly, but the extra stress can't be helping...

Sorry to moan, just don't want to offload on poor hubby and can't keep it all bottled up.

Hannah xx :roll:


  • awww sorry ur feeling sad! try not to be, its a nice sunny day, its ov day! what could be better image try not to think about ttc for the mo, i no its impossible, but still try lol, just try bd tonite, dont think of it as trying, just enjoy urselves for a night and have fun image maybe cook dinner for dh and put some nice undies on? u never no, could do the trick?

    sending u lots of baby dust, luck and hugs xxxxx
  • Aw sweetie, sorry to hear you are feeling down image You and hubby both must be very stressed. I think Mrs Me has the right idea - enjoy a nice relaxed evening and maybe a cheeky glass or two of vino. hope this will be your month xx
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