Hi Again

Hi girls, me again.

Thanks so much for all your replies in my last thread (http://www.babyexpert.com/chatroom/topic/35227)

Good news (i have no idea how it happened, must have been down to you lot for lifting my spirits and giving me new hope image) but i got my period on Sunday!!!!! First proper one in 2 loooooonnngggg years :lol: Boy am i feeling it!!!!

As you all know, as i didn't have periods, i didn't know when i was OV or anything, so can anyone give me a bit of advice now....??

When will i OV and should i get back on to the baby making asap???

Thanks again for all your help - i am on a high, my body must surely be getting back to normal now??? I am so excited!!!! :lol:

x x x xx x


  • wow you got it woo hoo I am so excited for you!!!

    I would say act as f you will be OV in about 14 days but I would start trying on like day 9 of your cyc and then just try every other day image also keep an eye on some signs like OV pains and ewcm. I am so pleased for you
    K xxx
  • Thanks so much K-Lou, it's like a miricle for me!!! I really hope this is it for us.

    I'll keep you all posted. Soooooo excited, but very sore :lol:

    x x x
  • Hi hunny, congrats on the proper af!!! Good luck with ov now xxx
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