What is this?

Hi there
Just wondering if anyone could offer me some advice?
I'm currently on cd 10. My af finished about 5 days ago and today when I went to the toilet I noticed some streaks of blood in my cm.
Does anyone have any idea what this is? I don't think it is due to ov as I am using a clear blue fertility monitor and I'm still getting low readings. My usual ov is cd 15. It's definitely not down to too much bd'ing as my oh is away and haven't had sex since just before my af.
I have had a bit of a funny tummy on and off this week but nothing too bad!
I'm sooooo confused. Really hoping it's nothing bad. Since my mmc all I seem to do is worry about almost everything. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks xxx :\(


  • was it brown in colour? Might have been old blood? Was it alot??
  • Have you tested at all?? Was your last period normal?
  • The blood was red streaks in cm. There was a bit each time I wiped but not loads. My peoiod was normal maybe a tiny bit lighter. Af is only just getting back to what was normal for me before mmc back in dec. I haven't even thought of testing as like I said my af was normal. I haven't this before in previous cycles!
  • You could maybe test to rule out pregnancy? x
  • take a test to be sure. xxx
  • It could just be the end of AF!! When I have it it last 5-6 days and then around days 8-10 I get a little bit of blood again! I have this for a about 5 years!
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