Had Enough

I thought i would come on here and let you all know i really am leaving BE without "making a fuss".

I have just read my Swit Swoo post and "the woman from Cosmo" commented. No i didn't name her because unlike the girls on Cosmo who have posted a link to my thread for everyone to see i do not name names on here. And it was after the Swit Swoo post that i then read my other post and realised she was on BE. So i will not apologise for calling her a "stupid woman", i say what i think!

Although people want to move on i am still the bitchy one on here and i don't need judging by anyone. I got told off by you all for commenting on the poor defenceless Elsbeth on a website where she can't defend herself, well that wasn't my intention. Her thread annoyed me and i wanted to say something about it, it wasn't me who made the other girls go over there and comment. I didn't tell them the name of the thread or anything. But yet someone over there posts a link to my thread on BE and i am still the baddie, i wouldn't dare do that on here. I don't look at Cosmo since i said i wouldn't and yet i know that the trolls from there will always be on here checking incase something has been said.

I hope everyone gets their BFP and has a H&H 9 months. Good Luck to all and i hope everyone has a lovely Xmas.

Whether you think i am doing this for attention or whatever i don't care. I won't be looking back on BE so for anyone who has something to say think back to the telling off you gave me about commenting on people who can't defend themselves.

Shuck, mrslolly, angel and BB i hope more than anything you get the sticky bean ASAP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Oh and can i add, this isn't aimed at everyone on BE, it is aimed at the people who had something negative to say.
  • Don't think you should leave just for voicing your opinion - I don't think what you did was vicious and I think we all have a right to say how we feel...
  • Hi Sam,
    It's a shame it's come to this for you. I personally am really sorry to see you go, I was a victim of them posting my comment on Cosmo too and it was out of order.
    Perhaps it's worth taking a break for a while to let it all die down, but it would be a shame to see you go. If you are genuinely leaving us then i wish you luck with TTC and i hope you have a H&H 9 months when the time comes. Come back and tell us when you get your BFP!! Sending you a big ((((hug))))
    Jackie xx
  • HI Sam

    Have to say this thread got me confused! I haven't been on BE over the weekend, so it took me ages to put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

    Look, all you did was vent a little about a post that upset you. Other people (myself included) escalated it initially by seeking out said post. Admittedly you did get rather heated, but then so did a number of other ladies, from both BE and Cosmo. But you didn't force those ladies to comment, or to carry on the threads or to get narky with each other. We are all grown up ladies all capable of deciding what we say and the tone in which we say it, so please don't feel that you are to "blame" for anything. And no, you're not a bitch!

    Don't let this experience spoil your enjoyment of BE, but perhaps try to read through your response before hitting the submit button!

    Hope you change your mind and stick round.

  • Hey hun, if you are leaving then good luck, sack loads of babydust and please please let us know when you get your bfp! xxx
  • So you are leaving because I am a member. sam, I was here long long before you were and I will not apologise for coming over here and defending myself when you were blatently slagging me off. NO, I agree you didn't make the other members come onto comso and say all they did, and yes a member gave me the link because she felt I had a right to see what you, and everyone else was saying about me. A fact I am thankful for in all honesty as it gave me chance to explain. Yes, I got angry but that was because you took what I was saying and twisted it all out fo context.

    I had a go at you on the switts swoo post because at the end of the day I have a username, typing it doesn't hurt you, and quite frankly calling me names is all a bit school playground. You either need to grow up or get over it. It has happened and it is over. I am over it tbh.

    Don't let something so silly stop you from using what for you I guess is a helpful place to be with the support you need, that is just plain bonkers.
  • hi hun, sorry you feel like this, really hope you change your mind and come back. hope to speak soon hun.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • ladies this is a ttc forum where enough things are stressful

    this forum is known for it good behavious so can we all just get on with it and let it drop

    you might not like what each other has said but tuff,its out in the open it WAS over with so can we get our nice forum back please?
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