really down

Expect to ov today or tomorrow but yesterday got told am being made redundant. Really depressed. Not sure if I'll be in the mood for bd'ing. Worried about finances as OH is also facing a salary cut. Really depressed.
Sorry about rant, just had to get it out.


  • Gina,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your redundancy. Will it be soon and will you get enought pay to last you over the holiday period? If possible start ringing around some temping agencies and get your name down on their books.

    Don't know what I can say, as it's a shitty thing, but fingers crossed for you both and you can come on here and moan anytime.

  • Sorry you got such bad new's so close to christmas and BD ;\)

    Hope it all work out in the end for you and OH xxx

    gems x

    Month 16 TTC #2
  • Sorry to hear such bad news so close to Christmas. I hope that your ok hun xx
  • Sorry to hear about your bad news hun, hope everything will be ok for you both.

  • Sorry to hear that hun. My OH was laid off about 7 weeks ago and we had to apply for voluntary redundancy which came through today, it was only half as much as what he would have got had they have made him redundant but we have managed and I'm sure you will too. It's amazing how you can look at things that you were 'wasting' money on and actually still enjoy life without them.

    He hasn't been able to work until they processed his redundancy and we had to wait 4 weeks for him to be eligable but has been for a few interviews and today got a temp job over xmas and a permanent job to start in the new year from interviews he had been to last week. Neither are anything like what he did previously and both pay less but I know we will be ok.

    Try not to worry, make a list of your finances, money coming in and work it all out. I say if you do feel like BD'ing go for it, we discussed if we should have a break from TTC when he was first laid off but decided that even if we got a BFP that month a lot can happen in that other 36 weeks and that we would deal with it.

    Also don't be ashamed to go to your local job centre and sign on, he did and he hated every second of it as he has always worked and had been at the company that laid him off for 10 years but its what you pay your taxes for so get back what you can, we didn't get a lot but it has helped.

    Sorry I've right rambled but I hope everything works out as well as can be for you x
  • oh that's really rubbish for you both!
    agree with broodybeth that everything will work out just fine and cliche as it is, everything happens for a reason xx
  • Boo that really sucks. Hope something turns up soon. xxx
  • Thanks for everyone's comments. It makes me feel a little better to cope.
    In the past 9 months, the management kept saying they have to make savings otherwise the whole company would go under. It seems pointless to argue or to say well why can't you make someone else redundant instead. Fortunately there is a possibility of getting a similar job at some point next year in the same town, though only part time.
    I'm now going to try and get in the mood for BD'ing!
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