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Need you help with this one ladies!

hey all, i got a new job and cant wait to start!! what i want to ask you all is how long i have to be working there before i can get pregnant and be able to get maternity pay. it is working for the nhs if that makes a difference??

also booked my wedding so got that tolook forward to!

appointment for blood test results is on the 24th of this month so atleast i am a little bit distracted from the waiting with all these other things going on xxxx


  • you need to have worked for 26 weeks by the15th week before the week your baby is due (the qualifying week) which makes it 1 week before you can get pregnant!! That's if my sums are correct???
  • yay congrats on the wedding and new job! its all goin on in ur life atm! lol. all u need now is a bfp! and yeah katelou thats how my work are, also sally, u r having ur bloods soon, is that to check if ur oving? i have just found out today that i have to do that too? does ur oh have to do sperm test aswell? im not sure what to expect? xxx im kinda nervous tbh just wondered if u were the same?
  • my tests were due to reacurrent miscarrige so i had 17 lots of blood taken on cd4 and OH had 3 lots done, no sperm samples needed or anything i think this was because i have been getting pregnant i just cant seem to keep them .

    it has been a very long journey and one that i no will be worth it. it has been hard not ttc while waiting for tests results, (they tell u not to incase u need tratment), but i no it will be worth it.

    in a wierd way i am hoping that they do find something wrong that thay can treat because i want something to blame so badly!

    let me no how you get on hun xxx
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