Taking it easy this month

Got three law exams to sit for work and there is such a lot of work involved that I am going to not worry too much about ttc this month.

Saving all my PMA up for next month when I will be be back at it with a vengence!! :lol:

Baby dust to all you lovely ladies for this month! image


  • Aw good luck hun, I too am taking it easy as going on holiday and dont really want to bother with counting DPO etc just going with the flow now.

    Am sick of trying to force a BFP hun it will happen when it happens just hope its soon for all of us on here

    Good luck with your exams

  • cheers for that!

    you'll probably be so relaxed on your hols it'll happen for you there!

    I was actually getting worried I was going to get my bfp and then have morning sickness or something right in the middle of the exams. Bizarre feeling wanting something then not wanting it at the same time. Hence the decision not to think about it till life is back to normal.

    Have a fab holiday and maybe you'll come back with a special souvenier to remember it by!! image
  • Taking it easy is a great idea. We bd'd only 2 times this month and got our bfp! I'd been I'll and hubby was away for what I thought was ov weekend so I thought we were out. Tested 12dpo just to put myself out of my misery really! Big surpise for both of us. Good luck girls x x
  • Fantastic news for you!! Thanks for the good luck wishes!! x
  • Think u have the right idea ladies, its only 4 months since I came off the pill and its really getting me down now, if its a bfn this month( af should come this week) then I'm having a month off, we r going to new york in june and I finish uni so really going to have a relaxing month! X good luck with the exams! X
  • Cheers Princess A! Sooooo jealous about your trip to NY - I'd love to go there some day! Enjoy x
  • I know I feel very spoilt, this will be the 2nd time I have been, my mum took me for my 18th as a surprise! Me and hubby decided we would save like mad and go before we had a baby! X
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