Never happened before.....

Hi all,

I came off the pill last month I stupidly didn't finish the full packet which caused a withdrawal bleed on 16/02... I was due on Tues and still nothing....

I've come off the pill before a never experienced abnormal cycles I'm usually so accurate I can set my watch by it. I've done 3 tests one CBD and 2 superdrug ones and they are clear NO's :\?

I'm just wondering if any of you experienced similar and when did the witch show up???

Thanks for reading :\)



  • Sure have, i came off the pill on 28th jan and still waiting for af! its completly normal for ur cycles to be very messed up when coming off the pill apparently, which is wahy they often advice to wait ttc for 3 months at least till cycles have regulated. but if ur anything like me i couldnt wait and am now left feeling frustrated, but not alot i can do but wait for her to show up. i have spoken to alot of ladies who have been over 100 days before she shows up. so just try and be patient and try not to worry i think is the only advice hun xx
  • Thanks PrincessA it's just so frustrating and I feel quite down about it today... To go from a massive high deciding now is the time to increase our family unit from 3 to 4 and then not have a proper cycle is image...

    We have started trying straight away, we said we'd carry on as normal and if it happens then great! But as soon as we said that I've got so caught up in it so early on it's driving me insane but still I can't stop thinking/planning things x
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