Help please

Hi everyone
I had a peak on my CBFM on Wednesday and Thursday so I'm counting yesterday as 1dpo (is that right??).
What I want to know is how many dpo's can I test? Your advice would be really helpful.
Do you know how long it takes to get pregnancy symptoms?



  • Absolutely no which my first baby I fell pregnant very quick so didnt need to bother with all counting days and stuff so this is new to me! Id just leave it for as long as you can resist and if in a few weeks time you dont come on test then! first symptoms last time was feeling queazy in a morn! .... sure youll get some more helpful/productive
    Good luck

  • hiya, i dont have a cbfm, but yes i would count friday as 1dpo. and some girlies on here get symptoms around 10ish dpo. some dont atall until missed af. i spose everyones different, which is poo when u wanna no if u r or arnt lol. good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I would wait until your periods due which is 14dpo so 2 weeks Yesterday!

    Good luck
  • Thanks for responding ladies. I really hope I get a BFP this month!! x
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