Never ever had a BFP

and I want one NOW! :lol: Haven't even OV'd yet according to my trusty CBFM so I don't know why I'm getting all stroppy about it.

Just wanted to get it off my chest :P


  • Bless you! I love throwing a strop every now and then and being a very impaitent person this happens more often than not.....I am with you on wanting one (only this time I would be very grateful if mine would stick!)

    We will get there! PMA
  • Double post - silly BE! image

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  • Oh huni...strops r good from
    time 2 timeimage believe me iv had my share over the last 8 months, and I'm still waiting 4 my bfp!! Let's hope the arrive very soonimage

    good luck xxx
  • Hi hun

    I'm same as u too never had a bfp just a whole lead of bfn's and I'm getting really fed up. Its hard to keep up the pma for months on end!
  • well I hope we all get our BFPs very, VERY soon! If not Clearblue will feel my wrath :P x
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