Stop me from getting my hopes up and as

Do I poas..
I'm am trying so hard not to as but today my chest really hurts. I also felt v sick yesterday morning but thAt's not uncommon for me. Af is not due for another week and I had a chem last month. I think I'm getting my hopes up already!!! Stop me from doing it please ...


  • hi, im not due af for a week so you can wait with me if you like?!also, i always get sickness in the morning which is normal for me, so im not sure if thats a sign?xxxx
  • Step away from the tests!!!
    Testing too early only makes you feel bad so if you can try and wait a bit longer!
    I am testing next week too so we can all wait together image
    I am trying not to think about symptoms too much but it is really hard image
  • its probably too early to test... keep yourself busy thats what i do (doesnt always work lol)
  • Aww thanks girls.
    This is probably way way TMI...
    Well looks like i am out - i have really bad af pains, so have a feeling she might be coming early. I have had some red CM this morning too.
    Good luck with your testing tho and i will have a look on here to see how you have done.
    Baby dust to you all
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