I am so Bored !!!

Anyone else having a Sunday as boring as mine ??!!

Hubby left for work at 4am this morning and he hasnt answered my texts so i'm guessing he's busy arresting the bad guys in London; all 4 of my cats are out and dont wanna stay in and play with me, and i cant get hold of any of my friends !

So i've sat and made myself some CD's as I have a long drive to York tomorrow so need some good sing a long music, and now i dont know what else to do to entertain myself ! :\?


  • Hi Mrs Weir,
    Well my Sunday is equally as boring!
    OH gone out with his friend so who knows when he will be back. I had shed lots of work to do for work so I did that and for the highlight of the sunday so far I cleaned the whole frontroom and bathroom.
    To top it off I think I have a cold.
    My AF is due Tuesday hope she stays away!


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  • I considered cleaning my bathroom but just can't be bothered! I went into work yesterday just to get some admin done that I never have time to do when the office is open, so much easier to get stuff done when the office is empty !

    Oh dear I hope you dont have a cold and it'll go, I had one a couple of weeks ago and it was nasty !

    My AF is currently MIA, was due on 4th June and still no sign but did get a +ov the other day so figure that my AF was just playing games with me. Think i'd be due again on 22nd ?? but really not sure ?? I'm on day 76 (i think, could be 77) getting a few pains in my utereus like AF pains so i'm not holding out much hope.
  • I'm bored too, but not too bored to clean. lol

    OH works nights, and is asleep! xx
  • My OH is just on a early shift today, should be home by about half 4 I think ? Unless he's working a 10 hour shift in which case he wont be home till half 7.
    I'm just trying to entertain myself by watching cr*p tv, i'm currently watching Cribs on MTV and getting very jealous at all the big houses !
  • lol

    Shhh, but I downloaded CSI, so I'm watching that on the computer. OH is asleep on the sofa downstairs! xx
  • Never seen CSI !

    That must be hard with OH asleep on the sofa means you have to be real quiet downstairs, when mine does night shifts i always make sure he goes to bed so at least i can do what i want downstairs !
  • Sorry to make you jealous girls but i;ve had a lovely sunday. Alarm went off at 5am and we were gonna take dogs to beach but both fell back asleep. We eventually got up at 9:30am went for a long horse ride then took the dogs for a long walk on the river bank, just been to Tesco shopping and then gonna bike to Mum & Dads in a few mins for tea. Very energentic day but quite satisfying. Feel free to pop round anyone for a cup of tea!!!! Hope you all have a better evening. Sxx
  • Slow, way to make a girl feel jealous ! I would love to be able to spend my sunday horse riding but alas I have no horse to ride !
    You really are energetic, isnt sunday supposed to be a day of rest ?
  • I have made lunch in the kitchen, and heard him coughing. Normally he would be in bed. But our neighbour was using the lawnmower in back garden, and bedroom is at the back of the house!

    We have 2 dogs and a wooden floor, if they don't disturb him moving about (they do me!), then I can go up and down the stairs. Although they do creak a hell of a lot. lol

    CSI is great, well if you like those sort of shows! Sad but true, I will have watched every single one, when I catch up! xx
  • I like cop shows especially the reality ones (and the bill) cant watch them with hubby though as he spends the whole time yelling at the tv telling the cops what their doing wrong and how they cant arrest them for this and should have arrested them for that !!

    My hubby wakes far to easily, which is why we have to be in different parts of the house when he's asleep otherwise he wakes up early in a strop !
  • I'm like that with hospital shows! lol

    My OH can sleep through most things, as long as he gets off to sleep before noise starts etc. It's me that wakes at anything! Have nights Mon-Wed, hate sleeping during the day!

    You should try CSI, it's american, so hopefully he can't make to many comparisons! lol xx
  • I cant sleep during the day either which is why i'm glad I work in an office, not exactly 9-5 hours but close enough !

    Hubby just rang to say he's on his way home now, so hopefully i'll have some company soon ! YAY !!!
  • Back again, just finished cleaning Kitchen now and hung up the washing, Ha ha.
    And OH is still not back, what is he doing?
    Actually I dread to think ha ha!
    Just poured myself a nice cold drink think I will sit down for a while now.


  • Yay MrsWeir, someone to talk to. lol xx
  • Yay !

    May pass a bit if time by unloading the dishwasher, and get myself a nice drink too !

    Just watching Mariah Carey on Cribs, she is one weird gal !!!
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