Way too much TMI but advice greatfully recieved!

Okay I have been going mad googling on the net for an answer to this question but can't seem to find any! I am currently on CD19, and from my chart I'm due to ovulate any day now. However I have been doing OPK's and getting BFN's. I've had a line for the past week, but it's not getting darker. I know that this is meant to be a BFN. Last night me and OH bd, and this morning I have had LOADS of CM. It's clear, stretchy and slippery, however I think I may be getting confused with the remnants of his little fellas. (?!) My cervix is open, soft and high, but my BBT was only 36.2!! Do you think I could be ovulating? I had a few little twinges last night, but that could just be to do with the bding! :lol:


  • hi Gemsie- i posted somthing like this last week-
    I was due to ov on CD23 and last month got a definate positive on an ov stick on CD22- this month however all i got was faint lines so took this as neg as they are supposed to be the same colour lines.
    but alsobeen charting my temp and according to fertility friend I did ov on CD23 and am now 5dpo.
    My temps are v low ( well compared to last month) - the last 4 temps have been about 36.4 but todays one dipped below the cover line and was 36.19, however, FF still kept my cross hairs on the chart to show that i ov'd.
    i dont think ov sticks give u a definate reading as you could have ov'd but missed the surge (apparently what has happened to me!)
    so i would just carry on having regular BD sessions for a while just incase!
    good luck!

  • Hey, thanks. Yeah I am just going to continue bding just in case. I was just confused by the negative OPK's - my cervix seems favourable, so something must be happening up there! According to my chart the next 3 days are peak days for me - so fingers crossed! Good Luck to you, hope you get that sticky BFP. image
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