23 days late?????????????

hi all u lovely ladies xxx

Af still hasnt come and its been 17 days now!!
ive done 4 hpt and all have been bfn!!!
really dont know what is going on, is anyone in this situation??
just really fed up xx

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  • Good afternoon,

    Have you recently come off the pill? To make it clear in your mind you're best of making an appointment for the docs and ask him to do a test.
    Big hug, xx
  • cheers hun, i came off the pill in january and came on straight away and the same in feb and now nothing?? will have to make a doc appointment me thinks x
  • I came off the pill at the end of feb, had my first bleed straight away and was due on last mon but only just starting to get light spotting. What pill were you on? I was on Yasmin.
    You could be pregnant but too early to test correctly? I've got doc appointment for thursday and def recommend you do the same, hopefully you'll get an answer one way or another. xx
  • i was on carasset?? cant remember if that is spelt right xx i was on a pill that stops u from getting periods ( loved it ) will go to the docs x
  • if you mean cerazette, i took that for a while and it really messed me up!! hated it so much!! lol

    i had my coil out mid jan and had af 3 days later and only just finishing the first af since!! my cycle was 76 days!!!

    it maybe worth going to the docs though just for peace of mind!

  • thats the one, with out having to go up stairs and hunt a packet out, i just couldnt remember lol xx

    was on it for 8 yrs ( stopped to have my daughter and then went back on it 6 weeks ofter birth) never had a problem with it x
    i should have come on , on the 20th of march and still no af??

    im now 23 days late x might do another test in the morning just to check and them book a doc appointment 1st thing monday x
  • I was on cerazette too and it really messed my cycles up .... They still are slightly irregular more than a year on.
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