hep from anyone who has had a bfp.

i am 10or11dpo (ff says 10 i say 11). i have a lp of 16days so not due on till fridayish. from 4dpo till 8dpo i had dreadful af type cramps and i just felt like af is on her way but tonight i have really sore and swollen boobs and i feel very lightheaded. all my other symptoms have dissappeared and i just wandered if anyone had any experience of this. i had kinda convinced myself i was out this month but now i wander if i am back in the running.xxx


  • Hi,
    Just to let you know i got my BFP in early dec and about 1 wk before af was due i had proper af type cramps which dissapeared, then came back when af was due for a few days but obviously af never came. Also i had been feeling a little dizzy (still do!). Sorry i cant help with how many dpo i was when i got BFP etc as that month we were taking a break from monitoring everything and just bd'd when we felt like it so i was totally not expecting BFP!
    Hope that makes sense??? and is of some help & hope your BFP is just around the corner! x
  • thanks for replying hun, i hope so. im trying not to read too much into it as i had already got myself prepared for af arriving but tonight i just feel there may be a little hope.xxxx

    congrats on your bfp hun.xxxx
  • Hi Angel100,

    I had af pains right up until I got bfp and after that. had dizziness and sore boobs too, I tested 18dpo as I was due xmas eve and didn't have any tests so had to wait till the shops reopened and I was back to work. Was worth waiting tho. Good luck and it all sounds positive. i didn't think i could possibly have done it this month and therefore did't do any ss until the sore boobs arrived and then a light went off in my head! teehee, good luck xxx
  • Hi angel, i had sore boobs a week before i got my bfp but they went a few days before i tested, so i convinced myself i wasn't pregnant. I also kept going very light headed and dizzy. This would of started around 10dpo. I hope this is your month, good luck x
  • thank you girls. trying to keep my feet on the ground but it hard not to feel a little hope i feel awful tonight.xxx
  • Hey sweetie, good luck. ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • thanks hun, i had put all thought of a bfp to the side but pma kinda creeping in again.xxx
  • Hi angel,

    Just wanted to say that before my BFP i was lightheaded too, really hope it's yours hun.
    Baby dust to you x x

  • hi, i had sore boobs from about a week before af was due and they are still sore!! also had strange tummy pains on and off during the week leading up to af due date but instead of af I got a BFP!
    good luck xx
  • fingers crossed as always hun xxxx
  • Ooh sounds promising hun fingers crossed xx
  • thanks girls. boobs still sore and have a strange pulling sensation in my groin. i suppose we will find out either way in a few day. you know its so hard to remember, my lo is 3 and some how i can only remember the sore boobs when i fell preg and i remember having pains but cant remember what they were like.xxx
  • will keep everything crossed for you! when are you testing? x
  • think im going to try hold off till thursday. pma sliping a little over last hour coz im a little crampy again but we just wait and see, feel quite calm about it all now.xxxxxxxx
  • keep up the pma!!!! x
  • Good luck hun, I had AF type cramps b4 I got my BFP and still do now (im 11 weeks)

    Keep up PMA

    Kirsty xx
  • thanks hun, trying to stay positive. thursday seems like a long way off.lol.xxx
  • hey sweetie, i had sore boobs, heartburn and very tierd around 12po, but to be honest i havnt many symptoms now, xx
  • hi hun, thank you but i feel her on her way this morning although like usual she will keep me waiting a couple of days before she actually makes her appearence. i feel ok though full of pma for januaury and looking forward to getting started again.lol.xxx
  • Angel, i thought af was on her way so much so that i had a glass of wine on xmas day, and on boxing day, luckily only the one. If i thought at all that i could be pg then i wouldn't of touched it. The pains i was getting were so much like af i thought i was out. So don't give up hope xx
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